Surgical instruments require special care and proper maintenance so that their use does not interfere with hygienic work and also increases their useful life. Observing the following tips and principles will help you achieve your goal in this important matter.

  • Be sure to wash new equipment before sterilizing and sterilize after drying.
  • Periodically lubricate the joints and joints of the tool with paraffin
  • Use authorized detergents for washing and sterilization
  • Thoroughly dry the surgical instrument after washing and then sterilize..
  • Avoid stacking tools in bulk
  • Avoid wear and tear on the tool when washing, transporting and arranging the tool..
  • When the tool is not in use, lock it on the first gear..
  • When packing, do not place small, delicate items under heavy tools
  • Do not place heterosexual items next to each other when sterilizing
  • Try to use the tool for the purpose for which it was produced

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