Tajhiz Teb Hafez


Leading in the production of surgical equipment and tools



Tehbej Teb Hafez Co. is the exclusive representative of professional surgical instruments in Iran are used.


All products  of this company have a five year replacement warranty.


Tajhiz Teb Hafez Company is a manufacturer of all Iranian surgical instruments of LEWIS brand representations in Iran with very high quality and approved by the General Directorate of Medical Equipment.

Why Tajhiz Teb Hafez

 High quality in-house production tools and after-sales service with a five-year warranty

After Sales Service

All products of this company have a five-year warranty and services such as free repair for partner centers

Variety and Breadth

Manufacturer of LEWIS brand surgical instruments and has PROFFESIONAL, DAUDJEE and CEATEC representatives in Iran

International Standard

All imported products of this company are under the license of Germany and have the European Union (CE) standard

Accuracy and Quality

The tools of this company are produced due to special sensitivities with Japanese and French raw materials

Principles of maintenance of surgical instruments

Observe the following points in order to maintain surgical instruments

Be sure to wash new equipment before sterilizing and sterilize after drying. It is also necessary to periodically lubricate the joints and joints of the instrument with paraffin, use the authorized detergent for washing and sterilization, and after washing, completely dry and then sterilize the surgical instrument after washing, and…


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